We are providing opportunities to girls in Africa through STEM

About Us

Our Aim

Increase the number of women graduate holders in the Computer Science and the tech sector.

Our Objective

Make tech education accessible to girls in the rural and remote areas for equal opportunities for careers.


Bridge the gaps for employment, degree holders, pay, workplace culture, IT Leadership and more.


Everyone's support is needed. Donate with us to fulfil this vision. Girl code can not do this alone!

We rise to the top by lifting others up.
Together we can bridge the gap for diversity in women in tech.

Girl Code Overview

Girl Code is a non governmental organization that focuses on providing technological education to girls in Ghana and West Africa. Currently only 26% of computing jobs are held by women with a steady decline over the years.

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Girl Code is an amazing initiative that will change lives and destinies of many girls in Ghana and West Africa. It is very easy to be part of this initiative. With few and easy to understand steps to follow, you can also get involved.

Empower a woman today, build a nation tomorrow

Make a bold statement as a woman in tech.
Be a part of us.

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