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Girl Code is an amazing initiative that will change lives and destinies of many girls in
Ghana and West Africa.

It's easy to be part of this excited journey.
To get involved just follow these steps.

Girl Code’s aim is to increase the number of women graduate holders in the Computer Science and the tech sector as well as addressing diversity of women in the workforce.

Here are some interesting fact.
Did you know;

We hope these stats give you an understanding in what we are fighting for. We will make that difference and the change every girl deserves.


Spreading awareness of Girl Code. Share with your friends and family, like our pages and shout from your roof about the amazing things we are doing.


Donate today with the little you can spare to make the lives of every young woman interested in tech better. Together we can a difference.


Participate and be a mentor. Your time means a lot to us and it will make a huge impact on our kids. Become a mentor and partner.

One step at a time we will impact;

Donate today as we develop our future leaders for tomorrow